Welcome to Free Photobooth Manager

a Speaker for the Las Vegas Photobooth Expo since 2017, I've been privileged to have been approached by many many Photobooth professionals after my sessions. It's a real honor (honour for my fellow Canadians lol) to be asked for advice on digital matters by my former colleagues (yes, I was indeed a DJ for many years), and I try to give back as much of my time during the show as I can in hopes of bettering the Photobooth experience for all of you. One of the biggest complaints I hear regularly is that the state of Photobooth Business Management tools is not where it should be as we approach 2020. The ``intelligence`` of these current solutions leaves a lot to be desired...out-date & slow code, inferior design, no mobile apps...we've heard all the complaints.

“Photobooth professionals need a better business management tool than the crap that’s out there now!”

— many many Photoboothers, all the time

Free Photobooth Manager, the solution

So, we at Digitera (the parent company) decided to do something about it. In the summer of 2019, we put one of our best developers on the project, and tasked him to produce a best-in-class solution by Aug 1st, 2020. Among the aspects we asked him to address are the following;

  • Admin Backend for Photobooth Company Owners/Managers
  • Client Backend to facilitate communication
  • Staff Backend to deliver Event details
  • Venue Backend to integrate with Venue Planning persons

Most importantly, we asked our Developer to address this functionality with world-class I.T. infrastructure and access methods, including the following;

  • iOS Apps for both Staff & Clients
  • Android Apps for both Staff & Clients
  • State-of-the-art PHP Web Applications
  • Lightning fast AWS and IBM Cloud Servers

We are scheduled to finish the first stage of development by Aug 1st, 2020, and enter into a public BETA by the time the 2021 Photobooth Expo kicks off. From that point onwards, Free Photobooth Manager will be open to the Photobooth industry for signups absolutely FREE! We hope you decide to give us a chance, and look forward to being your Photobooth business management tool of choice in 2021 and beyond.