Frequently Asked Questions!

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When does Free Photobooth Manager launch?

Free Photobooth Manager launches into public Beta on January 1st, 2021.

Is Free Photobooth Manager REALLY free?

Yes, absolutely! We’re going to make the entire web application available to working Photobooth companies absolutely free forever.

If Free Photobooth Manager is free forever, how will your company make money?

Brands that need to reach Mobile Photobooth Companies will pay for sponsorship in order to advertise their goods and/or services.

Where/When might we have a chance to talk to your team in person?

Our Founder Jordan St Jacques will be attending the Photobooth Expo from Feb 23-28, 2020 in las vegas, as well as speaking at the DJ Expo in Atlantic City from Aug 10-13, 2020. After that, we intend to be at select industry shows on an ongoing basis.