Free DJ Manager by Digitera

The Company Behind Free Photobooth Manager - Digitera

Digitera is a 3-headed company created by Jordan St Jacques back in 2013 after a 20-year career in the DJ and Concert/Nightclub industries. The combined experience of Jordan and his team of rock star developers & marketers is what drives Free Photobooth Manager to the top of its class!


Specializing in Web, Search, Social, Email, Mobile and more, Digitera is best-in-class to manage your brand.


Dealing in platform development, Digitera writes great code in iOS, Android, Full Stack PHP and Python on a regular basis.


Nothing beats experience, and Digitera has tons of spades! Draw upon our combined 180-plus years!

The problems we're solving

Having spent 20-plus years as a DJ and Promoter, our Founder still remembers the issues facing Photobooth professionals around the world, including the problems with business management inefficiencies.

The existing solutions, simply put, have fallen behind the times, with bad code, bad design and NO mobile apps to help you out while you're on the road.

Free Photobooth Manager is our effort to bring Mobile Photobooth Company management into the 21st century, with a best-in-class offering that is priced right...FREE!

Native Mobile Apps

Our Big Differentiator

Most current tools are outdated, some even past the point where Apps even existed. Currently, having Apps for iOS and Android are absolutely necessary for a mobile Photobooth platform, from accessing equipment lists in the warehouse for loadup right to Maps integration to get to the location without delay!

01. Maps

Don’t stray off the beaten path and arrive at your gig late. Use our integrated Maps feature on our mobile devices, and get there ontime!

02. Mobility

Photobooth Companies can prepare for a show from almost anywhere. Make sure you take care of all the pre-gig details with a complete listing viewable right on your phone!

03. GPS

Eliminate some stress for your clients by allowing them to track you through the Client app, where they can watch your progress as you travel to their event venue.

Our AI-based booking quote engine

We're taking the hassle out of existing sub-standard quote engines, with an Artificial Intelligence based Booking system that adjusts pricing for major holidays, block-off times, etc.