Platform Access & Features

Check out how you can access Free Photobooth Manager now and in the future with respect to managing your business!

Web Application

Access Free Photobooth Manager right from your favourite browser.

iOS Native App

Pull up event details from your iPhone or iPad.

Android Native App

Pull up event details from your Android Phone or Tablet.

Built by a Tech Company who understands

Free Photobooth Manager was created by the team at Digitera, a tech company/digital marketing agency owned by Jordan St Jacques.

Jordan himself was a DJ/Promoter for approx. 20 years, from 1993-2013, and still remembers the challenges Photobooth professionals face every day.

Modernized for 2020 and beyond

We've heard from so many Photobooth companies over and over again, that the other Photobooth business management software out there is behind the times. Bad Design, Out-dated Features, No Mobile many reasons why a new solution is wanted by the industry. Now, you have it, and we'll never charge you for the core functionality...ever!

We're in BETA

Free Photobooth Manager is a big project, we're pouring in a LOT of coding into this over the next year or two. There's quite a lot of features we're going to be implementing in order to bring you the best solution in the industry. During this time, please note that we are in a BETA state...if you want to inquire as to the state of our roadmap, please contact us through the Facebook Live Chat widget in the bottom right of this website.

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